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The American


War Collection

American Civil War Maps

What does the Map Collection look like?

As you can see the files look exactly the same as any other Windows type file.  Double-left-clicking on the relevant folder and then on the files.  These will open the map or document  using standard software on your computer (apart from the .pdf files which require Adobe Acrobat reader, available for free from Adobe and the Google Earth files which require the free Google Earth application from Google).

The table below shows all the Battles included in the map collection.  

What exactly is in the Maps Collection?

190 battlefield maps from the key battles showing troop positions & movements;

Over 70 map overlays;

Over 500 Placemarks or Points of Interest markers;  

A special Useful Information file containing copies of key Civil War era documents (Gettysburg Address etc);

Extensive Wikipedia (and other) web links of the battles of the American Civil War, (all .pdf formatted lists).

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Price: $5.95

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(File size: 115MB).

Compatibility:   The American Civil War Map Collection has been created using Windows XP and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems.  Although not tested in a Mac environment, all the file types used in the Collection are Mac-compatible.   

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