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American Civil War Collection

Civil War Maps, Archive Photographs & Lesson Plans

American Civil War Collection Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the American Civil War Collection, we promise to refund your payment in full. American Civil War Maps has tried to put together a value-for-money product that students, teachers or the curious find useful.  Just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we will happily refund your money in full.

Adobe Acrobat is a registered trademark of Adobe.  Google Earth is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

What does a Google Earth overlay look like?

If you do not have the Google Earth application, here is the overlay the Battle of Lookout Mountain featuring the National Park Service map.  It is important to note that the translucence of the overlay can be easily adjusted within the Google Earth application (in fact the whole map can be moved around to suit the needs of the user).  

As you can see, the combination of the map and the real satellite image (especially when the overlay transparency is adjusted) make it easier to understand the historic event which took place here.

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This is a unique collection.  If you trawl the internet you may find all the archive photographs and the maps but never in one place.  Compiling these two comprehensive collections would literally take weeks.

Google Earth Map Overlays

Both the photograph & map collections make use of two tools within the Google Earth application: overlays and Points of Interest markers.

    Map overlays allows the user to place maps or other diagrams over the visible terrain*;

    Placemarks or Point of Interest markers (POI’s or links*) pinpoint the exact spot where of an event occurred.

* Map overlays and Placemarks’s are tools included within the basic Google Earth application which is a free download from Google.  Maps of the major battles have been incorporated into the Google Earth application creating an overlay which superimposes itself on the real satellite view.   The Placemarks have been created to show the user some of the key locations of a battle, both from extensive research of the battle and personal visits to the sites.  The key is that rather then having just a map to show figuratively what happened in a battle, the map overlays and Placemarks can take you to the REAL location of the events.  

What is Google Earth?

 To quote Google:

“your computer becomes a window to anywhere, allowing you to view high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, photos, elevation terrain, road and street labels, business listings and more.”

In other words, Google Earth allows you to get a bird’s eye view of just about anywhere on the planet, (oceans, jungles and places off the beaten track are only covered by low resolution images.  Most of the Civil War battlefields are of sufficient resolution to see the current positions of artillery and fortifications).

Every file within the American Civil War Map collection contains multiple files to Points of Interest (POI’s).  These mark where key moments of each battle took place, (or in the Campaign maps it shows the major towns and cities).

If you want to install the Google Earth application on your computer to try the above overlay, please use the link below.


Other Internet only products on offer:

If you are only interested in either the Maps Collection of the Photographs Collection, each item can be purchased separately:

1.   American Civil War Maps:    $5.95 (direct link to Product HERE)

190 Battlefield maps;

Over 70 Battlefield overlays (created in Google Earth);

Over 500 Google Earth links;

Full Civil War Campaign listings and Battles by State and date listings (including Wikipedia web links to all the Battles).

2.   Civil War Teacher Pack :   $5.95  (direct link to Product HERE)

Over 250 Lesson Plans relating to all the major aspects of the Civil War;

Nearly 200 Placemarks to the location of many Civil War photos and key locations;

Source material from which to create 100’s of new Lesson Plans.

Comprehensive selection of  Civil War era documents.

3.   American Civil War Photographs:   $5.95  (direct link to Product HERE)

Over 2,000 archive photographs relating to all the major areas of the Civil War;

Nearly 600 Placemarks to the location of many Civil War photos and key locations;

Over 180  modern photographs taken close to same location as original photograph from the 1860’s.

A special Useful Information file containing copies of key Civil War era documents (Gettysburg address etc).