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The American


War Collection

The American Civil War Collection contains the combined American Civil War Maps, Photographs & Civil War Teacher Pack, all in one package:  The downloadable compilation includes Battlefield Maps, Google Earth Overlays Archive Photographs, source documents and lesson plans from the American Civil War.

The archive photographs and easy-to-use maps are aimed at teachers and students alike, to help in the understanding of this defining moment in American History.  

All the major battles and campaigns are included, from Fort Sumter, SC to Appomattox Court House, VA, with particular focus on the major battle at Gettysburg, Pa, in July 1863.  

American Civil War Collection

Civil War Maps, Archive Photographs & Lesson Plans

American Civil War Collection Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the American Civil War Collection, we promise to refund your payment in full. American Civil War Maps has tried to put together a value-for-money product that students, teachers or the curious find useful.  Just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we will happily refund your money in full.

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What exactly is in the Collection?

American Civil War Maps (113MB)

190 battlefield maps from the key battles showing troop positions & movements;

Over 70 map overlays;

Over 500 Placemarks or Points of Interest markers;  

Extensive Wikipedia (and others) web links of the battles of the American Civil War, (all .pdf formatted lists).

    The full list of battles covered by the Collection is provided on the Maps page.

American Civil War Photographs (400MB)

Over 2,000 archive photographs relating to all the major areas of the Civil War;

Nearly 600 Placemarks to the location of many Civil War photos and key locations;

Over 180  modern photographs taken close to same location as original photograph from the 1860’s.

A special Useful Information file containing copies of key Civil War era documents (Gettysburg address etc).

Civil War Teacher Pack  (507MB)

Over 250 Lesson Plans relating to all the major aspects of the Civil War;

Nearly 200 Placemarks to the location of many Civil War photos and key locations;

Source material from which to create 100’s of new Lesson Plans.

Comprehensive selection of  Civil War era documents.


The full list of photograph files and approximate numbers in the Collection is provided on the Photographs page.

More Collection information here.

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Compatibility:   The American Civil War Map Collection has been created using Windows XP and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems.  Although not tested in a Mac environment, all the file types used in the Collection are Mac-compatible.

Select from Eight Video Clip Collections

The Video History Today video clip collections are designed to introduce students and teachers to the REAL battlefield locations relating to key battles in the Civil War.  

Each collection contains a small collection of unique, re-useable raw video clips recorded in the REAL location where REAL events took place.  Students or teachers can create video essays or mini documentaries using these video clips, clips from other sources, archive and modern photographs (from the Civil War Collection) and can cut, paste, edit, add a voiceover, add music  etc... In other words, the only limit to the use of the clips is your own imagination.

And if you want to expand the possibilities, just take a look at our other collections at Video History Today (opens a new window).

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